NZGBC continually looks for ways to improve the services we offer to Green Star Accredited Professionals (GSAPs), project teams and building owners. In order to streamline the process and paperwork around certifying a building, we've created Credit Templates to use for submissions, Submission Guidelines and Materials Calculator Guidelines. It's compulsory for all projects to use these templates, except for project teams working with a Custom tool.

Green Star Credit Templates

The templates are available for free download on the website by GSAPs (who are logged into the website). If you are not a GSAP and wish to purchase the templates, please contact us.

These templates:

  1. Reduce the time and cost associated with compiling submissions.
  2. Act as an interactive checklist to inform Green Star Accredited Professionals when the documentation requirements for each Credit are met. This should also increase round 1 assessment scores.
  3. Integrate the short reports required within the Technical Manuals into the credit templates in the form of text boxes or tables. This reduces the need to create additional documents, and where tables are included they provide explicit guidance as to what information is required.
  4. Often incorporate many tables and calculations.
  5. Expedite the assessment process for NZGBC through consistent submission formatting.

Please contact us with any errors or issues, or any other feedback you may have.

Green Star submission form

When you submit a project, you need to have updated the Eligibility, Registration and Submission Form (which you used for registration) and completed Section 3 of that form. This form contains a checklist to ensure you've give NZGBC Assessors all the necessary information they need to conduct the assessment. This form is available from the Green Star resources page.

In April 2015, NZGBC's office achieved a 5 Green Star – Office Interiors rating. The NZGBC is pleased to give registered projects access to their submission. This is a useful resource for anyone wishing to understand the type and amount of documentation required when targeting a Green Star rating.