Obtain FE Points

If you are qualified as an assessor or practitioner under Green Star or Homestar, you are required to complete two further education (FE) points and pay a renewal fee every two years to retain your qualification.

Green Star V3 Refresher Video will give you 2 FE Points

How do I get FE points?

An FE point will be awarded for events, actions or programmes that:

  • enhance your own knowledge and understanding; or contribute to others’ knowledge and understanding, of sustainable built environments.


  • enhance your own knowledge and understanding; or contribute to others’ knowledge and understanding, of the NZGBC rating tools.

FE points are awarded only for activities with substantial educational content (ie a minimum of two hours face to face or online delivery).


  • At least one of the two required FE points must be achieved via a NZGBC-initiated event.
  • Applications for an externally provided FE point must be accompanied by proof of attendance and a detailed copy of the programme content.
  • Some externally provided programmes may be pre-approved. If so, these will be posted on the NZGBC website. Evidence of attendance will still be required.

How are FE points allocated?

  • 1 point for full attendance at an NZGBC Summit
  • 1-2 points for gaining a new/additional NZGBC qualification (duration of training must be 1 day or greater)
  • 0.5 points for attendance at one two hour master class, credit update or seminar; 1 point for a four-hour event.
  • 1 point for an approved external programme at least 4 hours face to face
  • 1 point for leadership or knowledge sharing via presentations at NZGBC events or participating in a Technical Working Group. (Note: duration of presentations should be greater than 1 hour, participation in TWG should be greater than 4 hours)


If you are carrying out assessments under Homestar or Green Star, these may be used to contribute to your FE points.

  • Homestar - the first two Certifications will earn one FE point each. Note, this is not applicable for later certifications.
  • Green Star - one FE point is available for Assessors who complete four assessments over 24 months. Lead GSAPs on a registered project may also claim one FE point.

How to apply

To request FE points:

  1. Download and complete the Education FE Points Claim Form.pdf
  2. Attach any required supporting evidence
  3. Email form and attachments to our education team

When your points are approved you will be notified and you will see the allocation on your website profile.