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Our resource library provides everything you need to know about the Green Star rating tool, whether you’re a Professional or a Practitioner, or are interested in achieving a rating. Get started by browsing the menu on the right.

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Green Star Registration

ToolToolFileUpload Date
Eligibility, Registration & Submission FormAll toolsEligRegSubFormv3.1
Area Definition FormAll toolsArea Definition


NameToolVersionFileFile TypeUpload Date
Submission Folder StructureAll toolsSubmission Folder
Modelling Producer Statement Template V4All tools except Customv4.1Modelling Producer Statement_V4.1 table.pdf pdf7/12/14
Built Streamlining: List of Eligible Credits & TemplateAll toolsv2009 & v3Built streamlining.zippdf13/01/17
Summary Templates v2009All tools2009Summary Template v2009pdf11/01/17
Summary Templates v3All pdf,xls10/05/17
Innovation Report TemplatesAll toolsv2009 & v3Innovation Report Templates doc11/01/17


Name Tool File Upload date
Accredited Energy Modeller Application Form-



TC & CIR Rulings

Name Tool version File Upload date
Project Inquiry FormProject Inquiry Form.doc31/08/12
Technical Feedback FormTechnical Feedback Form.doc


Credit Interpretation Request FormCredit Interpretation Request Form.doc31/08/12
Technical Clarifications & Credit Interpretation Rulings2009GS09_TCCIR_Rulings_APR_17.pdf 8/0517