About Green Star

Green Star is a tool that rates and communicates the sustainability of New Zealand’s commercial buildings.

Green Star can apply to any non-residential building. There are specific tools to rate office, industrial and education buildings, as well as interior fit-out projects. Green Star can also be customised for other building types, such as hospitals and libraries.

A building can achieve a rating of:

  • 4 Green Star - Best Practice
  • 5 Green Star - New Zealand Excellence
  • 6 Green Star - World Leadership

A Green Star assessment can be undertaken in both the Design and Built phases of a project. Design ratings occur earlier in the project, and are followed by Built ratings after completion to confirm the project has achieved its Green Star rating.

What does Green Star take into account?

To rate a building’s overall environmental impact, the tool awards points across nine categories: energy, water, materials, indoor environment quality (IEQ), transport, land use & ecology, management, emissions, and innovation.

Green Star v3 and Innovation Challenges

To ensure Green Star is current and up to date with the latest thinking and technologies, the tool is regularly reviewed and updated.

The latest version of Green Star (v3) was released in July 2015. This update brought changes to several categories (materials, water and energy) and substantially changed the way innovation is treated within Green Star by introducing Innovation ‘challenges’. Find out more about Green Star v3 and Innovation Challenges.