About Green Star

Green Star is an internationally-recognised sustainability rating system. Any non-residential projects can be rated using Green Star. There are various tools available for certification of design, construction and operation of buildings, fitout and communities.

Take a further look at our current Green Star rating tools:

GreenStar NZ V3

Green Star Office Interior

Green Star Performance

Green Star Communities

Green Star Custom Tool

Green Star Design & As Built (pilot)

Green Star Interiors v1.1 (pilot)

The scores corresponding to each Green Star NZ rating are set out below:

While other Green Star rating tools only certify projects that achieve at least a 4 Star Green Star outcome or better, Green Star – Performance certifies buildings at all levels. This allows building owners and facilities management teams to set building-specific benchmarks from which they can improve overtime.

Why Green Star?

Add Value, Create Trust and Reduce Risk

Green Star is a tool to support stakeholders in the property and construction sectors to design, construct and operate projects in a more sustainable, efficient and productive way. It provides tenants with a trusted mark of independent verification to support decision making.

Choosing Green Star can help you save money, create a healthy place for people, minimise your environmental footprint and build a better future for us all.

What does Green Star take into account?

To rate a building or a fitout's overall environmental impact, Green Star tools award points across nine categories: energy, water, materials, indoor environment quality (IEQ), transport, land use & ecology, management, emissions, and innovation.

To evaluate the sustainability attributes of a community, Green Star –Communities awards points through 5 categories: governance, liveability, economic prosperity, environment, and innovation.