Our board

NZGBC's board of directors represents widely respected and senior-level leadership across the building and construction sector. Board members represent one of the five membership categories or are appointed independently to ensure appropriate representation across the board. Our constitutional arrangements fully outline the voting process for board members.

During the AGM on December 2, 2015, an Advisory Group was established to consider issues and advise the Chief Executive and NZGBC staff on specialist management and technical issues.

People Directory

Mary-Jane Daly
Chair of the Board (Industry Group: Property)
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Gail Calder
Chair Finance Audit and Risk (Independent Director)
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Gary Walker
(Industry group: Construction and Supply)
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Patrick Clifford
(Industry group: Consultants)
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Steve Aschebrock
(Industry group: Construction and Supply)
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Brendon Dwyer
(Independent Director)
09 300 9318
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Anna Palairet
(Industry group: Occupiers)
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Robyn Phipps
(Industry group: Research & Policy)
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