Technical Manuals

The updated Green Star Technical Manuals are now available to purchase through the website. When you purchase a Technical Manual you will now receive the updated (strikethrough) version.

Green Star and Homestar™ Technical Manuals are available in soft copy. Softcopy manuals may be printed out if required. These manuals are for your use only and by purchasing a particular manual you are agreeing not to copy or distribute the manual for use by any other party.


Green Star

Technical Manuals are available for each of our 2009 Green Star rating tools. Our Technical Manuals have been updated to reflect the reduced documentation requirements as a result of Spring Clean. This is why you will see some requirements have a red line through them.

If you have purchased an old Technical Manual from us since 1 October 2011 and would like an update Technical Manual, please contact us. 


$350 ($250 for members)

If purchased within 30 days after attending a Green Star Accredited Professional or Green Star Practitioner training course, a 50% discount is available. This offer is available for one copy of each of the manuals.

(Prices are exclusive of GST)


There are two types of Technical Manual for use by different Homestar™ Industry Professionals.

  • Homecoach™ Manual
  • Certified Manual for Homestar™ Practitioners and Certified Assessors

Homestar™ Manuals are only available to those who have completed the related training course.


Homecoach™ Manual $100

Certified Manual $200

Manuals are available at a discount when purchased through the Homecoach™Practitioner or Assessor training package.