Industrial 2009 Green Star Rating Tool

The Industrial rating tool assesses the environmental attributes of new industrial buildings as well as major refurbishments of existing industrial buildings throughout New Zealand.

Building owners, developers and consultants (architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, ESD consultants, etc.) can use the tool to influence the design of industrial buildings, enabling these stakeholders to minimise the environmental impacts of their developments and to capitalise on, and receive recognition for, their design initiatives.


To be eligible to apply for certification under the Green Star – Industrial 2009 tool the building must meet the following criteria:

  1. At least 80% of the building’s total Gross Floor Area (GFA) must be a combination of industrial and office space and a minimum of 60% of the GFA must be for industrial purposes.
  2. The Green Star - Industrial 2009 rating tool assesses buildings in their entirety. The tool is not suitable for the assessment of building components.
  3. The building must be visually identifiable from surrounding buildings in order to differentiate buildings that are Green Star certified from those that are not.
  4. The following three conditional requirements must be achieved:
    • ENE-1 Energy
    • IEQ-1 Base Ventilation Rates
    • ECO-1 Ecological Value of the Site
  5. If the project is a refurbishment, major works must occur to over 50% of the total building.
  6. If the building is going for a certified Built rating, a certificate of practical completion must be attained prior to assessment.
  7. The building must achieve a minimum Green Star – Industrial 2009 score of 45 in self-assessment.

Thank you to our Sponsors

The development of this tool was made possible by funding from Goodman.

Pilot Projects:

  • Goodman’s Courier Post building, Auckland

Projects Certified with this tool:

  • Goodman’s Courier Post building, Auckland