Custom Green Star Rating Tool

The Custom tool allows Green Star rating and certification of a range of buildings which are currently not eligible under the existing suite of tools. For example; libraries, community centres, sports centres etc.

Custom Green Star Rating Tool Framework

NZGBC has developed a Custom tool framework, which utilises the current pool of Green Star credits to create one-off tailored rating tools for specific projects. This framework enables a wider range of buildings to use Green Star and achieve certification.

Custom Process

The framework enables the creation of a tool tailored to a project's specific space types, rather than a one size fits all rating tool.

The framework delivers custom guidance for each project tailored to the functional space types in the project - the space within the building that serves a particular use e.g. office, swimming pool, library, laundry, meeting room.

The credits and criteria are based on the current suite of Green Star credits, but some new credits may be created depending on the needs of a project. The framework provides the structure around how the Custom tool operates and explains how all the components, tools etc. fit together. 



Buildings which consist of a combination of the following space types or functions are considered to be within the scope of the Custom tool framework:

Education workshops and labs; IT spaces, computer rooms, CAD rooms; lecture theatres; libraries; meeting rooms; multi-purpose drama or performance spaces; office and administrative spaces; sports halls and gymnasiums; study spaces; teaching, class and seminar rooms; healthcare spaces, indoor swimming pools; research facilities

If your building falls into the above types and you wish to rate your building, please contact us. 


The fees for Custom differ to the standard Green Star fees, as they include the tool creation & approval process as well as the certification fees. 

 Thank you to our Sponsors

The development of this tool is being made possible by funding from the former Waitakere City Council (now Auckland Council).

Projects Certified with this tool: