Advisory group

The Advisory Group's role is to consider issues and advise the Chief Executive and NZGBC staff on specialist management and technical issues. The Group gives members more opportunities to get involved and contribute positively to the work and direction of NZGBC. Some Board members also sit on the Advisory Group.

This Group comprises around 20 individuals representative of NZGBC’s membership. And includes (but is not limited to) invited individuals with expertise in:

  • strategy implementation
  • technical detail
  • residential projects
  • marketing
  • education development
  • research and policy.

This Group will be convened by the Chief Executive. Members of the Group may also be consulted individually, or in smaller sub-groups. It is anticipated that some of the previous duties of the Technical Subcommittee of the NZGBC board will be included in the remit of this Group. There are strong links between the Board and the Advisory Group.

Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group.pdf