HomeFit for industry partners

Industry partners are invited to attend a new HomeFit workshop to evaluate the service and to consider adoption of the HomeFit certification method due to the following benefits.

A HomeFit Assessor qualification allows you to carry out in-home assessments and work with homeowners to verify that their properties meet certification requirements for HomeFit. For rental properties, you will be able to provide an assessment as evidence that a rental property meets the minimum requirements of the Healthy Homes Standards 2019 regulations.

Several councils are taking steps to provide the benefits of HomeFit for ratepayers. Auckland, Hutt City and Christchurch City Councils will publish HomeFit certifications on LIM statements. This provides extra peace of mind for home buyers. Councils including Auckland and New Plymouth are also offering HomeFit as a means of assessing whether houses are able to take up funding assistance through their voluntary targeted rate schemes. Find out more about the Auckland initiatives here.

HomeFit training

We have trained more than 50 assessors around the country in using the tool and demonstrating compliance with the Healthy Homes Standards. 

The HomeFit one-day workshop combines home energy basic training with detailed guidance on using the HomeFit tool. On completion, you will sit an exam and once qualified will be given the first year’s subscription to the HomeFit assessor app, allowing you to submit HomeFit projects for NZGBC third party audit and certification.

The webinar is a mixture of presentation and interactive elements, including quizzes and exercises, and has been designed for the range of experience in home inspection. It will cover off the following topics: building basics, what are the key parts of a healthy home; How to assess a home, the differences between the Healthy Homes Standards and HomeFit; Assessment tools and how to conduct a home visit; Qualifications and next steps.

Find out more about the process to train a HomeFit Assessor here.

How we can tailor the process

We recently launched a new service to enable assessors to incorporate HomeFit into their assessor software, simplifying how they can take certification forward. We can further tailor the service to your needs with:

  • Installer listing for your products on the HomeFit Online Check
  • Training workshop in your premises to enable cost savings
  • Discounts on certification fees with bulk uptake.

NZGBC Member benefits

The benefits of becoming an NZGBC member are:

  • Belong to a network of over 500 forward thinking companies looking to improve the built environment in Aotearoa
  • Keeps you up to date with industry information, and discounts on training and events
  • Members logo to advertise your support and listing on the members directory.

Membership fees depend on the turnover band of your company. Visit our website here to find out more.

Advantages of being a registered assessor

  • Listing on both the HomeFit Online Check “Find an assessor” directory and the NZGBC website directory
  • Login to the HomeFit Assessor App
  • Helpdesk and ongoing feedback to ensure confidence in delivering assessments
  • The privileges and resources of a qualified HomeFit Assessor (logo, certificate, marketing collateral)
  • The backing of the not-for-profit NZGBC, an independent industry organisation focused on healthy and efficient homes and buildings
  • The ability to use the free HomeFit Online Check ahead of the assessor’s visit – helping to improve the likelihood of passing.
  • Delivery of a high quality, independently reviewed report for your customers to easily understand the improvements to be made to maintain their home to the Healthy Homes and HomeFit standards.

The HomeFit Online Check at www.homefit.org.nz is a self-assessment report for property owners or tenants covering how warm, dry, safe and energy efficient the home is, with lots of tips and recommendations to improve it. It provides a link to a HomeFit assessor who can visit and give a homeowner, landlord or tenant a more detailed report, which will include photographs of any issues they see. They can do the same to find installers for the relevant items in their area. And once they're fixed, they will also get a HomeFit certificate and report to show that they meet the minimum rental housing standards under the Residential Tenancies Act and for the Healthy Homes Standards.

Advantages of certifying to HomeFit

In most OECD countries, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required for all houses at point of sale. HomeFit is the start of that process. Landlords are seeking it, as are councils on their targeted rates schemes and members of the public. The NZGBC goal is to create a benchmark which will eventually become a mandatory standard required by Government at point of sale – just like EPCs.

To recap, HomeFit certification provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Reports compliance with the Healthy Homes Standards
  • HomeFit certifications published on council LIMs and HomeFit assessments required for VTR schemes
  • A useful string in your marketing bow
  • Those that pass can market their homes as warm, dry and efficient on real estate websites.

For further information on the HomeFit home improvement process, click here.