Green Star - Design and As Built

This scoping paper seeks views from our membership on some important improvements that we intend to make to the Green Star suite of rating tools over the coming 18 - 30 months. Specifically, NZGBC intends to adopt the Green Star Design & As-Built tool from Australia. The paper is split into two parts:

  • Part 1: Green Star Design & As-Built: The next step in green buildings. This section provides a general overview of New Zealand’s adoption of the current Australian Design & As-Built tool and sets out some far-reaching changes that are proposed for Green Star over the coming 18 months.
  • Part 2: Green Star Design & As-Built: In-depth. This section provides a more in-depth review of the ways in which the current Design & As-Built improves on our current tools and gives the more technically-minded an opportunity to respond in detail to the changes
Please click below to view the scoping paper and leave your feedback by Friday, 20th April.

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