"Home is..." social media campaign

What does Home mean to you?

Home means something to everyone. Each of us have memories, feelings, emotions and stories when we think of home.

To celebrate our different homes, wherever and whatever they may be, we’d like to invite you to share what home means to you, as part of World Green Building Week.

To show your support for #BetterHomesNZ, post a photo with the "Home is..." sign on your favorite social media channel.

How to get involved:
  1. Download the “Home is…” template
  2. Write in your own words what Home means to you
  3. Take a photo of yourself with the sign
  4. Post or comment on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter with hashtags #BetterHomesNZ #WGBW2018 #NZGBC #NZGBCFutureThinkers"

Here are some ideas to get you started. We look forward to seeing your photos!