Why use Homestar?

Homestar provides a clear framework for home sustainability and performance. It’s comprehensive, independent, and creates homes that are healthier and more efficient than much of New Zealand’s existing housing stock.

The majority of our homes are under-heated by international standards, falling at least 2 degrees Celsius short of the World Health Organisation’s minimum indoor daytime temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Most new homes built to Building Code would only achieve a 3-4 on a Homestar rating scale.

Download a PDF that explains why Homestar means better homes.

Benefits for homeowners

A Homestar rating is valuable for people who want to renovate or build a home, and those looking to sell. If you’re building, achieving a 6 Homestar rating adds just 1.5% to the purchase price – or nothing at all if the house is slightly smaller than today’s larger homes.

  • Homestar’s minimum standards for insulation, ventilation and moisture extraction create a home that’s healthier to live in and cheaper to run.
  • Broadly speaking, in Auckland a 6 Homestar home will be 38% more energy efficient than a home built to the building code. (Potential savings vary from region to region.)
  • Looking to sell? A Homestar rating provides independent assurance to buyers about your home’s warmth, efficiency and sustainability, and international studies suggest highly rated homes attract a resale premium.
  • Going through the Homestar process prompts you to assess your home and how you use it, encouraging positive changes. A home that’s warm, dry and focused on sustainability is good for your quality of life and your finances.
Did you know?
  • An average-priced LED could save you $290 over the life of the bulb (source: EECA Energywise).
  • Replacing a 12-litre-per-minute showerhead with one that flows at eight litres can cut your hot water bill by $153 a year, while still offering a comfortable, effective shower (source: Consumer NZ).

Benefits for the building industry

Using Homestar as a framework for your project is a cost-effective way to lock in value at all points of the building chain. The earlier you begin using Homestar, the easier it is to include smart design and sustainability principles.

  • It’s an opportunity to up-skill and tap into a growing market. Increased consumer demand for healthier homes with lower running costs means more work for Homestar Assessors, architects, designers and tradespeople who are capable of delivering these homes.
  • You can use a Design rating, as a marketing tool to help sell a project off the plans.
  • A Homestar rating provides independent assurance to buyers about a home’s warmth, efficiency and sustainability, and international studies suggest highly rated homes attract a premium price.
  • Homestar recognises sustainable design in apartments and multi-unit projects, and encourages new/uncommon sustainability features by awarding Innovation points.
  • NZGBC can work with notable Homestar projects, by agreement, to gain publicity and market exposure.

Homestar was launched in 2010 after extensive consultation with experts and organisations across industry and government. The tool is based on successful international rating tools and adapted for New Zealand’s conditions.

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