Get a rating

A Certified Rating will provide evidence to your clients and stakeholders that your office is performing to expectations in terms of energy use. Along the way it can help property owners and tenants develop ongoing assessments and improvements to building energy performance.

A NABERSNZ™ Certified Rating provides a clear view of how well a building or tenanted space is using energy, compared to similar buildings and offers you a baseline from which you can plan to improve.

How does a NABERSNZ™ rating work?

A NABERSNZ™ rating takes into consideration:

  • building size
  • occupancy
  • hours of use
  • climatic conditions
  • building facilities (e.g. number of lifts, computers)
  • energy sources (e.g. electricity, gas, coal, diesel).

NABERSNZ™ ensures your building is compared fairly against its market peers.

Ratings are calculated according to rigorous rules and methodologies, including adjustments that take into account different factors such as hours of use and location.

Adjusted data is then compared to NABERSNZ™ benchmark data, and a star rating is calculated that reflects your building’s performance.

How much does a rating cost?

Certified Ratings are carried out by Accredited Assessors who negotiate their own fees.

As a guide, getting a NABERSNZ™ Certified Rating should cost between $2,000 to $6,000 depending on the type of rating, size and complexity of building, and availability of actual energy data.

The fee for Certification from the New Zealand Green Building Council is $990 (excl GST).

Before end of June 2018, we are offering NABERSNZ Certification fee at $500 per assessment (ex GST) where tenants are:

  • Undertaking three or more assessments
  • The rating is for an area of less than 1,000 square meters

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