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There are two types of NABERSNZ professionals: 

NABERSNZ Practitioners 

Practitioners are trained to have a broad knowledge about NABERSNZ and the rating process from a client's perspective. Although not fully accredited and unable to carry out formal Certified Rating assessments, their understanding of the tool and its objectives allow them to lead the initiation, and successful implementation, of a NABERSNZ Certified Rating. Practitioners also play a key role in guiding the continual improvement process for clients.

Practitioners can:

  • add value to employers or clients through a greater understanding of energy management in commercial buildings
  • help save owners and tenants money by reducing the time needed to collect data for a NABERSNZ Certified Rating assessment
  • help improve energy efficiency and reduce costs

Find a NABERSNZ Practitioner

NABERSNZ Accredited Assessors 

Assessors are independent building energy professionals who are trained and accredited to perform NABERSNZ Certified Ratings. To qualify as NABERSNZ Accredited Assessors they have to complete specific training, pass examinations and carry out supervised ratings. Accredited Assessors are contracted to the NZGBC and carry out rating assessments according to the rules and methodology specified by the NABERSNZ programme.

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