Green Star - Legacy tools

Green Star NZ v2009 and v3

Green Star NZ for Office Buildings was first launched by the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) in 2007. In 2009, the Office tool was revised and re-released, and the Education 2009, Industrial 2009 and Office Interiors 2009 tools were launched. The development of these tools was undertaken through collaboration with a wide range of design/construction professionals over a number of months and tested on pilot projects.

The next version of Green Star was launched in 2015 as v3. The Green Star v3.2 Technical Manual and Green Star Office Interiors v3 Technical Manual are the current manuals available for this version of the tool.

With the launch of Green Star Design & As Built NZ, v3 will be superseded by the current Green Star Design & As Built NZv1.0 and Green Star Interiors NZv1.0 submission guidelines to allow a wider range of projects and typologies to be rated under Green Star.

The deadline for registering a new project under Green Star NZ v3 is the 31st October 2019, after which only projects that had achieved v3 design ratings can register for v3 built ratings.

Registration for Green Star NZ v2009 rating tools is closed for all the projects. Only projects that had achieved v2009 design ratings can register for v2009 built ratings.

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