Green Star - Office Interiors

As well as applying to new building projects, Green Star can be used to rate office interior fit-outs. This aims to improve the overall sustainability of the fit-out as well as support staff and visitors with a space that is better for health, productivity and wellbeing.

The Green Star - Office Interiors tool takes account of factors that:

  • Minimise environment impact – e.g. reuse and use of sustainably-sourced materials.
  • Contribute to efficient running over time – e.g. energy and water use.
  • Help to ensure the health and wellbeing of occupants – e.g. high quality fresh air, acoustics and daylight.

Green Star can be applied to tenancy fit-outs in offices of all sizes. It doesn’t apply to other fit-outs (e.g. retail) but if desired, these can be covered by a Green Star - Custom rating tool.

A Green Star rated office interior doesn’t necessarily need to be in a Green Star-rated base building, but it does help - as buildings designed and built with sustainability in mind will already have taken steps to minimise environment impact (for example, through proximity to transport or recycling facilities).

Green Star Office Interior rating tool doesn't have a Version 3. The current version is v2009. This version of the technical manual incorporates all credits and criteria for office interior projects is available for free download,

Green Star Office Interior 2009 Manual

Green Star Office Interior v3 Materials Credits

All the projects registered under Office Interior rating are entitled to use the new Innovation Category in Green Star- V3. If the project team wish to target or use any other Green Star V3 criteria for an office interior project, a project inquiry can be submitted.


The Performance Leasing Guide and Model Clauses is a helpful resource for tenants considering a Green Star Office Interiors rating and can assist with achieving some Green Star points. This guide was developed to foster better building performance through tenant-landlord collaboration.

The Circular Economy Model Office Guide is an initiative designed to minimise waste from office fitouts. The principals in this guide align well with the Green Star Materials category and can assist with achieving points.

What types of space can get a Green Star rating?

To be eligible for a Green Star - Office Interiors rating, a tenancy must:

  • be solely for office purposes
  • be a new fit-out project
  • the tenancy must be within a single building.

If you would like to find out more about obtaining a Green Star rating: