Updating Green Star

The NZGBC regularly reviews the Green Star tools to make sure they are up-to-date and meeting industry needs.

Reviews are important to make sure Green Star targets are achievable, and that they continue to genuinely represent best practice as industry and technology evolves.

Green Star updates in 2018

The NZGBC and GBCA are committed to working closely together in strengthening the Green Star rating system.

Pilot submission guidelines are now available for Green Star Design and As Built NZ and Green Star - Interiors rating tools. Green Star Design and As Built NZ is an adaptation of the Australian-developed Green Star – Design & As-Built v1.2 and can be used to certify base buildings of any typology. Green Star - Interiors is able to certify interior fitout projects of any typology (office, retail, hospitality etc).

The pilot documents consist of the Australian-developed criteria plus an Addendum located at the front of the submission guidelines which outlines modifications for NZ-based projects. NZGBC intends to incorporate these changes and any further refinements prior to their official launch in 2019.

Green Star – Performance, launched in November 2017, is able to certify existing buildings in New Zealand for their operational performance.

Green Star - Communities certifies the environmental, social and economic sustainability outcomes of large scale developments. Australia and New Zealand share the same Submission Guidelines.

Current GSAPs and NZGBC members login to view the submission guidelines on our website.

Innovation updates

Innovation Challenges were introduced to Green Star in New Zealand in 2015. These can be proposed by project teams to gain Innovation points towards their Green Star rating. Once an Innovation Challenge has been accepted by the NZGBC, it is made publicly available and may be used by other projects. Find out more about Innovation Challenges.

Green Star Custom tools

We can also adapt Green Star to apply to any building type that is outside the scope of the existing tools. Examples of Custom tools we have developed include hospitals, libraries, and sports centres. By end of September 2019 we anticipate all custom tools to be superceded by the Green Star New Construction tool. Find out more about custom tools.

What does a Green Star review involve?

We base our reviews on feedback from NZGBC members and professionals, the wider industry and international rating tools. Rulings, clarifications and Innovations granted in Green Star projects also provide a key source of information when reviews are undertaken.

Reviews can be relatively small in scope as well as wide-ranging. Depending on need, we may review the entire tool or a credit within a tool. A review may result in:

  • the release of new credits or categories
  • revised processes to streamline and improve the tools
  • the release of a new tool.

Providing Feedback

We are always interested in hearing feedback and being alerted to any issues. Please email a technical feedback form to Green Star or call us on (09) 379 3996 to provide your views.

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