The Process

The Process

A Green Star certification reflects the commitment and leadership of the building owner to green building practices and environmental performance.

The NZGBC commissions at least two third-party Assessors to check and validate a project's submission and recommend a Green Star certified rating. The NZGBC facilitates all assessments to ensure that projects are assessed fairly and equally. All Assessors are industry experts with a great deal of experience in green building design and construction.

The assessment process is a two stage process. The first stage is the full project submission. At the second stage, project teams are given the opportunity to provide further information for any credits which the Assessors did not award at the first round of assessment. Detailed guidance on any further information required will be provided to the project team by the NZGBC.

The NZGBC does not specify when certification should be achieved. However, certification for Green Star - Design ratings are generally achieved prior to construction. While submissions for a Green Star - Built rating are generally after practical completion.