Green Star – Design & As Built & Interiors NZ Single Project Certification

For an As Built Certified Rating, the following fees apply.

An interim Design Review Certified Rating is optional and is included in the fees outlined below. The Certification fee is payable in full upon Registration.

Project Value($)

Members (excl. GST)

Non-members (excl. GST)

0M-3M $13,000 $18,000
3M – 10M $17,000 $23,000
10M – 30M $22,000 $31,500
30M – 60M $30,000 $44,000
60M – 90M $36,500 $54,000
90M+ $46,500 $69,000

Green Star – NZ V3 & Office Interiors v3 single project certification

For a Certified Rating (either a Design Certified Rating or an As Built Certified Rating) the following fees apply.

The certification fee is payable in full upon registration.

Gross Floor Area

Members (excl. GST)

Non-members (excl. GST)

Less than 2,000m² $12,500 $17,500
2,000m²- 5,000m² $16,000 $22,500
5,000m²- 9,999m² $21,000 $30,000
10,000m²- 19,999m² $28,500 $42,000
20,000m²- 30,000m² $36,500 $54,000
Greater than 30,000m² $46,500 $69,000

NOTE: In order to claim the NZGBC members’ discounted certification fee, the Applicant (building or tenancy owner) must be a member of the NZGBC at the date that the Certification Agreement is executed.

Multiple building certification (Education 2009 only)

Please contact us for multiple building certification fees.

Custom Tool development

Fees for Custom Tool development and certification are set depending on the space types, complexity and size of the project.


Charged technical question $400 + GST
Charged additional review $950+ GST
Appeal $950+ GST
Extension of time fee $2,500 + GST

Green Star – Performance single project and portfolio certification

Green Star – Performance certification fees are regardless of project size or value. The total Performance certification fee (based on the number of projects to be certified) will be invoiced as follows: 1/3 at registration, 1/3 twelve months following registration, 1/3 twenty-four months following registration.


(excl. GST)


(excl. GST)

1st project, flat fee $16,900 $21,900
Additional projects up to and including the 10th, fee per project $3,700 $4,200
Additional projects from the 11th project, fee per project $1,000 $1,300

Green Star – Communities

Green Star – Communities will vary from above fees and the updated fees will be on the website soon.