Homestar professionals

Homestar professionals are trained and accredited by NZGBC, and will help you achieve a Homestar rating. They have a comprehensive understanding of the rating system, from technical detail to practical application.

Homestar Assessors have an in-depth understanding of green building practices and the Homestar tool. They will be an integral part of your project team and manage the submission paperwork for Homestar Appraisals, Design ratings and Built ratings.

Homestar Practitioners can assist in the design or building of a Homestar project by providing advice and recommendations. Having a Homestar Practitioner involved is a great way to ensure a good outcome and a high rating. However, if you want to get a certified rating, you’ll still need to engage a Homestar Assessor to prepare the submission.

How do I find a Homestar professional for my project?

Search our directory listings to find a Homestar Assessor or Homestar Practitioner in your area.

How do I become a Homestar professional?

If you’re a builder, designer or architect, becoming an Assessor or Practitioner is a great way to upskill and increase the value of your services. Check out our Education section for information about NZGBC training courses.