Who we work with

Local government

As part of our advocacy work to support the transition to a more sustainable built environment, the NZGBC works with Councils to help them improve green building outcomes in their local communities. This work ranges from advising on the inclusion of rating tools in local plans, to specific awareness-raising initiatives and events.

Some ways in which councils are working with us to promote green building in their cities and districts:

  • Auckland Council has included requirements for Homestar and Green Star in the Proposed Unitary Plan.
  • Wellington City Council gives a 50% discount on development contributions for commercial projects that undertake a Green Star rating.
  • Christchurch City Council worked with us to develop the BASE tool for Christchurch and collaborates on other local initiatives.

There are various projects and work under way in other councils throughout New Zealand. We welcome contact from any councils interested in promoting green building outcomes locally.

Central government

We maintain close, open relationships with several government departments and agencies which have building-related issues within their mandate.

  • The Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) – we maintain a close dialogue with MBIE officials on matters relating to the commercial and residential construction sector, both in our own right and as members of the Construction Industry Council (CIC).
  • The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) – we work alongside EECA to administer the NABERSNZ tool for office buildings, and collaborate from time to time on other projects or events aimed at improving building energy use.
  • Ministry of Education – new school building projects are encouraged to use Green Star as a means to deliver healthier, more efficient environments. The Ministry supported the revision of Green Star Education and launch of version 3, in 2014.

Industry sponsors

We are fortunate to have the backing and support of numerous companies that support our work towards a more sustainable built environment. Please visit our sponsors page for more information.

World Green Building Council

We have a close relationship with the World Green Building Council, which connects a global network of Green Building Councils transforming the places we live, work and play – as well as other Green Building Councils in the Asia-Pacific region.

World Green Building Council Annual Report 2015/2016