Green Star Courses

There are two qualifications available under Green Star: Accredited Professionals, or Practitioners.

Green Star Accredited Professionals (GSAPs) have the skills to work on projects targeting Green Star ratings, and make high-quality submissions under the tool.There are types of Green Star qualification:

  • Green Star Accredited Professional - v3 (for new buildings, major refurbishments and interiors)
  • Green Star Accredited Professional - Performance (for existing buildings)
  • Green Star Accredited Profssional - Communities (for community scaled developments)

Green Star Practitioner training is for professionals who don’t intend to make Green Star submissions, but need to be up-to-date with green building practice, and/or be able to work successfully within a Green Star project. This training provides a good understanding of the suite of Green Star tools, certification and assessment processes.

Green Star Accredited Professional Training

This qualification recognises an in-depth knowledge of Green Star and is perfect for industry professionals who intend to act as the core member of a Green Star project team and collate and manage Green Star project submissions.

Green Star Accredited Professional training focuses on teaching the skills to generate a high quality Green Star submission. It provides an in-depth knowledge of the tools of choiceand a comprehensive understanding of the details required for a successful submission. It is a one and a half day course:

Day 1: full day lecture/workshop based tuition providing an overview of the suite of Green Star rating tools for communities, new and existing buildings and interior fit-out projects.

Day 2: half day session, specific to one of the Green Star tools:

  • Green Star - v3 (for new buildings, major refurbishments and interiors)
  • Green Star - Performance (for existing buildings)
  • Green Star - Communities (for community scaled developments)

The v3 and Performance sessions are run consecutively, so that those who wish to complete a GSAP qualification for both tools may do so on one day.

Upcoming GSAP training

Green Star Practitioner Training

This qualification recognises a commitment to green building practice and knowledge leadership in this area.

The course focuses on imparting a good working knowledge of the categories and credits within Green Star, the need-to-know requirements of working on a Green Star project, as well as the business case for green building and new developments in this area. It is a one-day course comprising a lecture and workshop based tuition.

Upcoming Green Star Practitioner training

Benefits of a Green Star Qualification:

  • An Accredited Professional or Practitioner logo
  • An online certificate that you can link to or embed in online media
  • Details listed in the Accredited Professional directory or Practitioner directory
  • A profile page on our website and special login access to the NZGBC website
  • A regular newsletter and information about upcoming events and training

Transition to Accredited Professional

Practitioners who wish to become Accredited Professionals can do so by completing day two of the Accredited Professional training course and exam. To register for this, please email