Recognised eco-labels

Homestar rewards the specification and inclusion of third party-certified products and materials through a number of Materials credits. For a general introduction to these eco-labels, please refer to the Materials section of the Homestar v3 technical manual (PDF).

Recognised eco-labels and indoor air quality schemes (PDF)

Homestar recognises two paths for third-party certification (as illustrated below): Environmental Choice NZ certification; having an eco-label awarded by a certification body that has successfully passed the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Assessment Framework for Product Certification Schemes. See the Products and materials FAQs for further details on the GBCA Assessment Framework and NZGBC's consultation process around the decision to adopt this framework.

NZGBC does not test, review or certify products or materials. Instead, we utilise the work of third-party certification bodies and eco-labels. They test and carry out environmental assessments of products and materials that relate to the Materials category credits.

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