Version 3 FAQs

Can we still register a project under the Green Star 2009 tool?

After Sep 30, 2016, projects targeting Office, Industrial or Education rating will only be able to register using Green Star version 3.

If we register a building under Office 2009 Design, is there a grace period during which we can register for the Built rating under Office 2009 also because of the design rating?

Projects are entitled to register for Green Star 2009 ratings until 30 Sep 2016. If you are registered for, or awarded a Green Star 2009 Design rating before this date you will be entitled to register for a Green Star 2009 Built certification for the following 24 months, i.e until 30 Sep 2018.

Can we pick and choose the different versions of the credits we like?

Project registered under 2009 version can pick and choose the new credits ENE-6, ENE-7, MAT-6, MAT-7, MAT-8 and WAT-2 in v3. Apart from these credits, projects can only adopt one or all of the version 3 categories (Water, Energy, Material, and Innovation) in their entirety. v3 projects cannot adopt credits from 2009 version.

When do I have to start using the new version 3 credits?

Projects that register after Sep 31, 2016, are required to use the new credits.

What’s the difference between these new credits and the old ones?

The changes made from the Green Star 2009 credits to the version 3 credits are set out in this detailed overview document.

Which eco-labels are recognised in the new Materials credits?

A list of recognised third-party eco-labels can be found here.

Which credits can you claim under the Exceeding Benchmarks criteria?

The Exceeding Benchmarks Table lists all credits and whether it is possible to target Exceeding Benchmarks under a particular credit, and the expected benchmarks for achievement. It is attached to the V3 Manual as an appendix.

Is it possible to only use the new Innovation credits?

Yes, the new credits are available for full use now.

What if I’d planned to submit an Innovation point under Exceeding Benchmarks, but the new table for Exceeding Benchmarks has a higher benchmark than previously rewarded?

A grace period will run until the end of 2015, during which time we will accept new or old benchmarks. From 2016, it will no longer be possible to receive an Innovation point under the Exceeding Benchmarks criteria for a credit that now has higher benchmarks. This is because the volume of Innovation points awarded for exceeding the previous benchmark has demonstrated that the industry now requires a higher benchmark to be set for that credit.

How do I propose a new Innovation Challenge?

If a project team or NZGBC member wishes to propose a new Innovation Challenge, they must submit a Beyond Green Star Proposal form to the NZGBC.

Can the same Innovation Challenge be targeted by different projects?

Yes. We recommend projects register their interest in undertaking a challenge at the earliest date possible, so they have a greater understanding of what’s involved and how the credit criteria will be defined for their project. Each project will be reviewed on its own individual conditions and merit. The NZGBC will update the Challenge list from time to time as new challenges are added.

How many Innovation Challenges can a project target?

Up to 10 Innovation submissions can be filed across all three Innovation criteria. No more than 10 Innovation submissions will be reviewed per project. All 10 submissions can be Innovation Challenges if the project team chooses that as its focus.

Can an Innovation point for Leading Innovation be achieved again by different projects?

Yes, as long as subsequent projects demonstrate they have met the credit criteria.

If I register a Built project under version 3 that has a 2009 Design rating, can I still streamline points?

No, points cannot be streamlined from a 2009 Design rating to a version 3 Built rating, as the criteria and submission documentation between the tools varies.

Can I still get the Innovation point my project achieved in the Design rating when we do the Built rating, now that these credits have changed?

Yes, as long as the Built rating demonstrates the innovation was implemented in the building. The new credits will not affect this being awarded.

Where can I find other resources to help me with Innovation matters?

Innovation report templates, example submissions, a record of previously awarded Innovation points, and details on the new Innovation Challenges, can be downloaded from the Innovation in Green Star page. Keep an eye on our Upcoming Courses page for information about our Innovation workshops.