Innovation in Green Star

The Green Star Innovation category has been expanded and streamlined, and Innovation Challenges introduced, to enable more project teams to successfully target Innovation and share their knowledge with the wider industry.

The fact sheet below provides an overview of the changes within the Innovation category. Scroll down for PDF resources that will help make the submission process easier and quicker.

Introduction to Innovation in Green Star v3 (PDF)

Project teams are welcome to contact NZGBC if they have any questions or would like to discuss a particular Innovation.

Innovation Challenges

These challenges are designed to recognise initiatives that don’t currently fit in to Green Star, but that we believe are important to encourage and recognise. They cover environmental, social and economic sustainability initiatives. Click on a challenge to download a PDF that will tell you further details of each challenge.

Project teams are welcome to submit a new challenge relating to sustainability issues they would like to address.

Innovation Challenge Proposal Form_GSv3.pdf

Available Innovation Challenges (PDFs):

Challenge name Proposed by
Adaptation and Resilience
Contractor Education
Culture, Heritage and Identity
Financial Transparency
Market Intelligence and Research
Marketing Excellence
Material Life Cycle Impacts
Social Return on Investment
Environmental Product Declarations NZGBC
Earthquake Resilience
Circular Economy Model Office (coming soon) SBN

Innovation record

We’ve already recognised some incredible New Zealand buildings for innovative design and strategies.

List of previously awarded Innovation points

Innovation resources

Report templates

Three short report templates are available to assist your project with a submission – these will be submitted to us by your GSAP (Green Star Accredited Professional).

Leading Innovation report template_GSv3

Exceeding Benchmarks report template_GSv3

Beyond Green Star Report Template_GSv3

Exceeding Benchmarks table

The Exceeding Benchmarks Table is attached to the V3 Manual as an appendix. It outlines the NZGBC expectations on how credits can be substantially exceeded. This table also indicates which credits are more suited to targeting Innovation for exemplary performance via an Innovation Challenge.

Example submissions

These submissions, from NZGBC’s own office fit-out, will give you an idea of what NZGBC expects.

Exceeding IEQ-C: credit template and submission

Beyond Green

Revised credits

Up to 10 initiatives can be submitted for the available 10 points in this category. These points can be achieved across any combination of the following categories. Each successful initiative will typically be awarded one point.

Leading Innovation This can be claimed where an innovative design, technology, process or advocacy is implemented in the project that improves the sustainability of a building/built environment and contributes to broader market transformation in NZ or the world.
Exceeding Benchmarks Projects that go substantially beyond the requirements to achieve full points in a Green Star credit and as a result decrease their environmental impact may claim points here. Applicable credits are listed in the Exceeding Benchmarks table.

The Exceeding Benchmarks table outlines the NZGBC expectations on how credits can be substantially exceeded. This table also indicates which credits are more suited to targeting Innovation for exemplary performance via an Innovation Challenge. This table will be updated bi-annually. Projects may use the benchmarks that are current at their time of registration.

All projects registered after Jan 2016 will be required to meet the benchmarks in the Exceeding Benchmarks table.

Beyond Green Star If sustainability related benefits will be/are achieved but not rewarded by any standard Green Star credit the project can claim recognition via an Innovation Challenge or under Global Sustainability.
Innovation Challenge Where a project addresses a sustainability issue(s) not included under this Green Star rating tool, they may propose a new Innovation Challenge.
Global Sustainability A credit from a Global Green Building rating tool that addresses a sustainability issue outside the scope of this Green Star rating tool can be adopted and targeted by the project with NZGBC approval.