Innovation in Green Star

Green Star recognises ‘innovative’ initiatives with a significant sustainability benefit that either sit outside the framework of credits within the tool, or that significantly exceeds their benchmarks. There are up to 10 points available for these innovations and a project can apply for any feature to be recognised as an innovation. A maximum of 10 innovations can be submitted for each project to achieve these 10 points.

If you have an idea for an innovation in your project, we encourage you to talk to us as early in the process as possible.

How to claim Innovations

  1. After reviewing the section for Innovation set up in the Green Star Submission Guidelines, The Green Star Accredited Professional registers a project’s interest in targeting an Innovation with NZGBC.
  2. Submit a completed Innovation Submission Template that outlines the intended initiative, its sustainability benefits and relevance in New Zealand.
  3. Submit documentation for assessment (any time after registration and up to Round 2).

Project teams can provide partial documents or full documents in a “pre-round1” or “pre- round2” review for each proposed innovation. Should the innovation be granted conditionally, and further documents need to be submitted, all the remaining documents need to be provided in either Round1 or Round2 assessment. Innovations cannot be targeted after Round 2. A maximum of 10 innovations can be submitted for each project.

Innovation Challenges

In addition to innovations claimed by projects, Both Green Star and Homestar have published a list of innovation challenges. These recognise initiatives that don’t currently fit in to the main framework of these tools but that we believe are important to encourage and recognise. They cover environmental, social and economic sustainability initiatives. While some challenges only apply to some tools, others across all our tools. Several current innovation challenges were originally published by the Green Building Council of Australia for Green Star projects there, but have been adapted for Green Star and Homestar projects in New Zealand.

Click here to go see the Table of Innovation Challenges

You are welcome to submit a new challenge relating to sustainability issues you would like to address email us here.

Submission template

This submission template is developed to assist your project with an innovation submission – these will be submitted to us by your GSAP (Green Star Accredited Professional).

Innovation record

We’ve already recognised some incredible New Zealand buildings for innovative design and strategies.

List of previously awarded Innovation points. Updated Dec 2019

Example submissions

These submissions, from NZGBC’s own office fit-out, will give you an idea of what NZGBC expects.

Exceeding IEQ-C: credit template and submission

Beyond Green

Updated April 2020