We’re making the Homestar technical manuals and checklists available to everyone, to help people better understand what goes into achieving a Homestar rating.

Technical Manuals

Homestar v4 technical manual

The newest version of Homestar, effective from 25 July 2017

Homestar v3 technical manual

This deadline for registering projects under Homestar v3.2 is 30 September 2017.

This change log is a credit-by-credit summary of what's altered between Homestar v3.1 and Homestar v3.2.

Homestar 2013 technical manual

This version of Homestar is still in use by projects that originally registered under it, however new registrations are no longer accepted under v2.


6 Homestar checklist - Standalone

7 Homestar checklist - Standalone

6 Homestar checklist - Terrace

7 Homestar checklist - Terrace

6 Homestar checklist - Apartment

7 Homestar checklist - Apartment

Registration Form

Homestar project registration form

This form collects basic project information such as location, contact details, targeted rating, assessment type and number of units. It also asks for confirmation that you have read and agree to the Homestar Terms and Conditions. Once you have read the Homestar Terms and Conditions, complete and return this registration form, along with the appropriate audit and administration fee, to obtain a project registration number.

Resources for Homestar Project Teams

Here are some templates that can be used to create Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP), Environmental Management Plans (EMP) and Home User Guides (HUG), that would achieve points for you Homestar Project.

Download SWMP Template

Download EMP Template

Download HUG Template