Products and materials FAQs

  • Can my product get a Homestar rating?
  • How does my product relate to Homestar?
  • My product already has an eco-label that is not currently recognised by the NZGBC. What can I do to get my product recognised?
  • Is third-party certification the only path for me to get my product recognised within Homestar?
  • How do I know which eco-labels are accepted by the NZGBC?
  • Are any new eco-labels being recognised by the NZGBC?
  • Why does the NZGBC recognise eco-labels that have passed through the GBCA Assessment Framework?
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Products and materials FAQs

No. Homestar ratings are only awarded to whole buildings. Materials and products play an important role in the environmental impact of building, and an entire category of Homestar is dedicated to assessing the Materials used on a project.

Products and materials relate to Homestar in two different ways:

  1. In the Homestar Materials category, credits set out criteria to address environmental issues with key building materials. Where this criterion is fulfilled, points are awarded. Details are available in the Homestar v3 Technical Manual.
  2. Alternatively, your product may contribute to the overall sustainable performance of the building. For example, low-flow water fittings are recognised in the Internal Potable Water Use credit. In this case, how the product is used is recognised, rather than how it is made.

If your product has an eco-label that is not currently recognised by the NZGBC, please refer to the Product Certification information from the Green Building Council of Australia This provides further details on how the product certification scheme providing the eco-label can apply for assessment against the GBCA Assessment Framework. A submission may be made by the product certification scheme or by another party on their behalf, provided the appropriate documentation can be supplied.

No, Homestar also recognises products and materials that feature other environmental attributes such as high percentages of recycled content, product stewardship schemes, Declare, ISO14001 or Enviro-Mark. Further information can be found in the Homestar Technical Manual.

Eco-labels currently recognised by the NZGBC are listed on the Recognised eco-label page of this website.

When an eco-label successfully passes the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Assessment

In 2009, the NZGBC carried out industry consultation to determine whether the NZGBC should recognise international eco-labels (prior to this, only Environmental Choice NZ was recognised). Eighty percent of respondents supported the recognition of international eco-labels. This makes a wider range of certified products and materials available to specifiers, to meet their clients’ needs and Green Star requirements.

NZGBC runs an annual Product and Materials Forum for members who are in the business of manufacturing and supplying building products and materials. We also host Product Showcase evenings for members. Join the NZGBC and gain access to opportunities to promote your green product to a rapidly growing market.