Live streaming

Live streaming allows you to watch and take part in a course or presentation remotely, via on-line delivery.

Many short NZGBC courses are offered simultaneously via a live streamed option. To check out what streamed courses may be coming up, browse our upcoming courses.

To attend a live streamed event, you must

  • ensure you have internet access with a fast connection (and good sound quality)
  • book via the NZGBC website and pay in advance of the course.

Once your payment has been received:

  • you will need to log into the NZGBC website to gain access to the stream
  • you will notice an extra page become viewable below this live streaming section, however you will be sent a link to it, in case you overlook it.

We strongly advise live streaming attendees to test their links and logins well before the course is due to start.

If you cannot access the page to view the live streamed event you wish to attend, please contact the NZGBC team immediately.

Missed out on a live streamed event you wanted to attend? Many streamed courses are offered for sale subsequently as video. Browse our past webinars