Other Building Types

The NZGBC is now able to rate all types of buildings.

The Green Star - Version 3 rating tool is suited to office, education and industrial buildings. For all other types of buildings, a Green Star rating can still be achieved using two alternative approaches:

  • Develop a Green Star – Custom rating tool.
  • Pilot the Green Star – Design & As Built rating tool.

Green Star – Custom

The NZGBC has developed a Custom rating tool framework which utilises the current pool of Green Star credits to create tailored rating tools for specific projects. This framework enables a wider range of buildings to use Green Star and achieve certification.

The credits and criteria are based on the current suite of Green Star credits, but some new credits may be created depending on a project’s needs. The framework enables the creation of a rating tool tailored to a project's specific space types, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Buildings which consist of a combination of the following space types or functions are considered to be within the scope of the Custom rating tool framework: Education workshops and labs; IT spaces, computer rooms, CAD rooms; lecture theatres; libraries; meeting rooms; multi-purpose drama or performance spaces; office and administrative spaces; sports halls and gymnasiums; study spaces; teaching, class and seminar rooms; healthcare spaces, indoor swimming pools; research facilities.

Pilot Green Star – Design & As Built

The Green Star - Design & As Built rating tool was developed by the Green Building Council of Australia for all buildings (except for single-residential homes and carparks). Buildings in New Zealand which cannot be rated under Green Star - Version 3 are able to use Green Star - Design & As Built instead.

Over the coming months, the NZGBC will be reviewing the Green Star - Design & As Built rating tool, in consultation with industry, to determine any adaptation that is necessary for New Zealand projects. It is anticipated that these adaptations will not be significant, given the broad similarities between both countries.

The NZGBC is currently seeking Pilot projects to be the first to use this rating tool, and assist in its delivery to the New Zealand market. The NZGBC commits to working closely with these project teams for any technical support required during the Pilot phase.

  • For more information on the NZGBC's plans for the delivery of Green Star - Design & As Built, please visit this page or see the Updating Green Star page.
  • For more information on the Australian version of Green Star - Design & As Built, please see the GBCA's webpage


The fees for either approach differ to the standard Green Star certification fees, as they will include the NZGBC's involvement tailored to each individual project. Please contact us for more information.

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