Other Fitout Types

The NZGBC is now able to rate all types of fitouts, not only offices.

The Green Star - Office Interiors (2009) rating tool was developed for office fitouts only. For most other fitout types in New Zealand, there is now the opportunity to apply the Green Star - Interiors rating tool. This includes retail, industrial and public-building fitouts.

The Green Star - Interiors rating tool was originally developed by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) for all fitouts and released in 2014. Non-office fitouts in New Zealand are now able to use this rating tool for their project.

Over the coming months, the NZGBC will be reviewing the Green Star - Interior rating tool, in consultation with industry, to determine any adaptation that is necessary for New Zealand projects. It is anticipated that these adaptations will not be significant, given the broad similarities between both countries.

The NZGBC is currently seeking Pilot projects to be the first to use this rating tool, and assist in its delivery to the New Zealand market. The NZGBC commits to working closely with these project teams for any technical support required during the Pilot phase.

  • For more information on the NZGBC's plans for the delivery of Green Star - Interior rating tool, please see the Updating Green Star page.
  • For more information on the Australian version of Green Star - Interiors, please see the GBCA’s webpage.

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If you have any questions about applying Green Star - Interiors to your project, please contact us at greenstarnz@nzgbc.org.nz

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