Our Industry Professionals have been trained in all the ins and outs of Green Star, providing comprehensive knowledge of the criteria and how to apply it to your project.

Find the right Green Star professionals for your project

Green Star Accredited Professionals 

Accredited Professionals (or GSAPs) have the skills to work on projects targeting Green Star and make high-quality submissions as part of the rating. They help ensure the entire assessment process is a smooth, cost-effective and rewarding experience for all involved. A project team that includes a GSAP from the very beginning receives two bonus points towards their Green Star score.

Green Star Practitioners 

Practitioners have up-to-date knowledge of green building and can successful work within a Green Star project. A Green Star Practitioner is not a fully-trained GSAP and therefore, while they can provide guidance and support through the process, cannot put through a formal Green Star submissions towards a rating.

Green Star Accredited Energy Modeller

Experts in energy use and efficiency, Energy Modellers allow you to bypass the need for a full energy report by submitting producer statements for Energy-1 and Indoor Energy Quality-6 credits. Energy Modellers are selected for their quality energy modelling reports.

Green Star - Performance Accredited Professionals 

Performance Accredited Professionals are unique to Green Star Performance and bring specific knowledge of the assessment process for getting the most out of an existing building.

Interested in becoming a certified Green Star professional? See our Green Star training courses