Industry professionals overview

Our Industry Professionals have a comprehensive understanding of NZGBC rating systems, both in terms of content and practical application.

Green Star Accredited Professionals help ensure that the Green Star assessment process is a smooth, cost-effective and rewarding experience for all involved in the projects. A Project Team that includes an Accredited Professional from the beginning of the project receives two points towards the project's Green Star score.

Green Star Practitioners have an in-depth knowledge of the Green Star suite of tools and understand how best to work within a Green Star project to meet the requirements of Green Star certification.

Green Star Accredited Energy Modeller - can submit producer statement for ENE-1 and IEQ-6 credits in the place of a full energy report. To be eligible to become an Accredited Energy Modeller, a number of criteria must be met. The selection process is based on the quality of energy modelling reports and the modeller’s ability to explain their assumption rather than the number of models submitted.

Green Star - Performance Accredited Professionals have knowledge about the assessment process for Green Star - Performance and help ensures that everything runs smoothly for projects undergoing certification.

Becoming a Professional or Practioner

Please visit our Education pages if you’d like to find out about training to become a Green Star Professional or Practitioner.