Technical resources

This page contains all Green Star - Communities v1.1 resources required for project teams to prepare a submission. 

ResourceFile TypeUpload Date
UN Sustainable Development Goals alignmentPDF08/06/22
Green Star Communities - Eligibility CriteriaPDF01/07/20
List of Categories and CreditsPDF30/6/17


Ecological Value CalculatorExcel30/6/17
Initial Certification Submission TemplatesZIP30/4/19

Submitting Query Guidelines

NameFileUpload date
Technical Feedback FormTechnical Feedback Form.doc31/08/12
Technical Question Form



Submission Guidelines

NZGBC Members and Green Star Accredited Professionals are allowed free access to the Submission Guidelines (previously known as Technical Manuals). Please visit the Resources for Members and GSAPs page for download.

NZGBC non-Members are requested to contact the NZGBC for access to the Submission Guidelines.