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"[Green Star] provided us with a platform to educate our supply chain about sustainable construction and material selection. In some cases, we influenced suppliers to seek-out sustainable solutions including material sourcing."

 - Quin Henderson, CEO Southbase Construction Ltd 

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    Using sustainable building products and materials is a great way to reduce our footprint, but which ones are best?

    Similar to how we advocate independent certification like Green Star and Homestar as a way of verifying whether things are done right, we encourage the use of independent assessments of products and materials by third parties such as Environmental Choice New Zealand, Green Tag, and EPD Australasia.

    We do not test, review, or provide eco-label certification for products and materials ourselves. Instead we use authoritative third party certification bodies and eco-labels, and incentivise the use of products that have undergone these assessment by awarding points towards a Green Star rating.

    Products recognised in Green Star

    • Eco-label certified materials and products
    • Products with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
    • Reused materials
    • Materials with high recycled content
    • Responsibly sourced materials with certifiable stewardship programmes
    • Low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

    NZGBC approved eco-labels

    We're happy to work with any of our members to help communicate how their products fit within Green Star. We'd encourage product and material suppliers to get certified under one of our approved eco-labels or generate an Environment Product Declaration.

    To find out more, check out our free Products & Materials webinar series