V3 and V2009 Resources

Common resources for v3 and v2009

This section contains resources for projects teams using any version of the Green Star – Version 3 and V2009 rating tool (Design and Build v2009, v3 or v3.2) and the Green Star – Office Interiors rating tool. Advanced issue found

Name File Upload Date
Eligibility, Registration & Submission Form EligRegSubForm(2009&v3).pdf

Note: This form can't be opened through the webpage. Please download this document to your computer and open it in your PDF reader.

Area Definition Form Area Definition Form.zip 8/08/18
Submission Folder Structure Submission Folder Structure.zip 15/01/12
Modelling Producer Statement Template  Modelling Producer Statement2009(260121)
Modelling Producer Statementv3_260121
Built Streamlining: List of Eligible Credits & Template Built streamlining.zip 13/01/17
Innovation Submission Template NZGBC_INNSubmissionTemplate.docx 08/02/19
Technical Questions Rulings GS09V3_TQ_Rulings_Feb_21.pdf
Certification Agreement Green Star Certification Agreement.pdf 12/01/19
Technical Question Submission Template NZGBC_TechnicalQuestionForm.docx 17/04/19

Version 3.2 & 3.1 Resources

This section contains specific resources for projects teams using Green Star v3.1 and v3.2.

Name File Upload Date
V3.2 Technical Manual GSManual_v3-2 final.pdf 17/04/19
Summary Templates v3 Summary Template v3.zip 21/08/19
Education Credit Template EDU v3.1.zip 8/02/19
Office Credit Template OFF v3.1.zip 28/11/19
Industrial Credit Template IND v3.1.zip 19/12/19
Material Calculator 8 Materials Calculator_v3.2.xlsx 21/08/19
WAT-1 v3.2 Calculator WAT-1_GSv3.2.xls 4/07/19

Education Version 3.0 Resources (2015)

Name Type File Upload Date
Education Credit Template v3.zip 8/2/19

Office Interiors V3 Resources (2018)



Upload Date

Office Interiors Technical ManualGSNZ_OffInt TM v3 Nov18.pdf 17/04/19
Office Interiors Summary Templates Green Star V3 Office Interiors Summary Template.xlsx 17/04/19
Office Interiors v3 Credit TemplatesInt v3.zip 17/04/19
Material Calculator8 Materials Calculator_v3Interiors.xlsx 21/08/19
WAT-1 v3.2 Calculator9 INT_WAT v3.xls 18/11/19

Version 2009 Resources

Name File Upload Date
Technical Manuals GS_EDU_2009s-1.pdf
Summary Templates v2009 v2009.zip 14/06/19
Education Credit Template EDUv2009.zip 1/02/17
Office Credit Template OFFv2009.zip 1/02/17
Industrial INDv2009.zip 1/02/17
Education: WAT-1 and EMI-5 credits WAT-1 and EMI-5 calculator.xls 7/04/16
Office: WAT-1 and EMI-5 credits WAT-1 and EMI-5 calculator.xls 7/04/16
Industrial: WAT-1 and EMI-5 credits WAT-1 and EMI-5 calculator.xls 7/04/16