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Submission Guidelines

The Submission Guidelines (previously known as Technical Manuals) corresponding to the four current Green Star rating tools available in New Zealand are provided below. This is the key document for preparing a Green Star submissions, linking all other Green Star resources together.

These documents are available free-of-charge to Members and GSAPs only. Please do not distribute these documents, in line with the Authorisation and Disclaimer provided in each document.

Rating Tool File Upload Date
Version 3 GSManual_v3-1_lg.pdf 3/07/2017
Office Interiors GS_INT_2009s-1.pdf
2009 - Office GS_OFF_2009s-1-3.pdf 3/07/2017
2009 - Education GS_EDU_2009s-1.pdf 3/07/2017
2009 - Industrial GS_IND_2009s-1.pdf 3/07/2017
Performance* GS_Performance_v1.1.pdf


Communities GS_Communities_v1.1.pdf


* Please note, the Green Star - Performance v1.2 Submission Guidelines will be released later in 2017 with updates to make the rating tool applicable to New Zealand projects. The Green Star - Performance v1.1 Submission Guidelines is not applicable to New Zealand projects and is provided for reference only.

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