Current Rating Database

To learn more about details of currently rated buildings, please visit NABERSNZ website.

Rated Premises Type of Rating Rating Rating Client AssessorExpiry Date
NZGBC Office  Tenancy 5NZGBC Tania Coelho23/09/2020
BNZ Building Whole 4CBRE Ltd Dave Annable17/09/2020
Confidential Base ConfidentialConfidential ConfidentialConfidential
EECA Auckland Office  Tenancy 4EECA Simon Ross3/07/2020
Aurora Centre Base 5.5Kiwi Property Group Limited John Gallagher2/07/2020
EECA Christchurch Office Tenancy  4.5EECA Simon Ross2/07/2020
Bayleys House Base 4.5Wynyard Precinct No.7 Limited Hong Lee23/06/2020
Manson Bros Building Tenancy 5Mott MacDonald Anthony Calderone13/06/2020


Tenancy 5Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
St Pauls Square Base 4.5AMP Capital Property Limited Hong Lee 22/05/2020
Confidential  Base 4Confidential ConfidentialConfidential


Tenancy 2.5Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Confidential  Tenancy 4Confidential  ConfidentialConfidential
Britomart Altrans Quay Buildings  Whole 4.5Britomart Group Amanda Bryan31/05/2019
Mason Bros. Base 5.5Precinct Properties New Zealand Ltd Anthony Calderone29/02/2020
WSP & OPUS Wellington Office Tenancy 3.5Opus International Consultants Ltd Graham Gilleberg1/03/2020
200 Tuam Street Whole 4.5Environment Canterbury Regional Council Adam Benli22/02/2020
Goodman Office, KPMG Building Tenancy 4.5Goodman Property Trust Hong Lee11/02/2020
Mitre 10 National Support Centre Whole 5Mitre 10 Adam Benli21/12/2019
TPK House Whole 4Argosy Property Ltd Patrick Arnold22/11/2019
Confidential Base 3Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Confidential Base 0Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
The Awly Building Base 4The Awly Group Simon Ross20/12/2019
Panuku Office Tenancy 4Panuku Development Auckland Sarah Daniell13/12/2019
Britomart Charter Customs Building Base 3Britomart Group Amanda Bryan30/04/2019
Bayleys House Tenancy 3.5Bayleys Property Services Limited Simon Ross27/11/2019
Confidential Base 3.5Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
12 Madden Street - Grid AKL Base 4.5Precinct Properties New Zealand Ltd Anthony Calderone22/11/2019
Confidential Tenancy 1.5Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Confidential Base 2Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Confidential Base 4.5Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Britomart Excelsior and Stanbeth House Base 5.5Britomart Group Amanda Bryan31/10/2019
Britomart East BuildingsBase 4.5Britomart Group Amanda Bryan30/10/2019
Australis Nathan Buildings Base 4.5Britomart Group Amanda Bryan30/10/2019
EECA Wellington Office Tenancy 4

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

Anthony Betrand17/10/2019
AECOM House Whole 4 Whai Rawa Commercial Office LP
c-/Bayleys Property Services Ltd
Dave Annable31/03/2019
15 Stout St (MBIE) Whole 5 Argosy Property Ltd Patrick Arnold27/08/2019
133 Molesworth Street, Wellington Base 5 Balanced Investments Ltd & Ascot Capital Molesworth Property Trust Ben Masters07/08/2019
IAG Building, Christchurch Whole 5.5 Maori Hill Property Ltd Vanessa McGrath29/06/2019
NDY Wellington Office Tenancy 4 Norman Disney and Young Ltd Kimberley Whynn27/06/2019
Confidential Base 3.5 Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Masons Bros.,Auckland Base 5 Precinct Properties New Zealand Ltd Anthony Calderone25/06/2019
Confidential Base 3 Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
NZGBC Office Tenancy 5 New Zealand Green Building Council Peter Bryant13/06/2019