Current Rating Database

To learn more about details of currently rated buildings, please visit NABERSNZ website.

Rated Premises Type of Rating Rating Rating Client AssessorExpiry Date
WSP & OPUS Christchurch Office Tenancy 2.5Opus International Consultants Ltd Graham Gilleberg23/04/2019
Confidential  Tenancy 4Confidential  ConfidentialConfidential
Britomart Altrans Quay Buildings  Whole 4.5Britomart Group Amanda Bryan31/05/2019
Mason Bros. Base 5.5Precinct Properties New Zealand Ltd Anthony Calderone29/02/2020
WSP & OPUS Wellington Office Tenancy 3.5Opus International Consultants Ltd Graham Gilleberg1/03/2020
200 Tuam Street Whole 4.5Environment Canterbury Regional Council Adam Benli22/02/2020
Goodman Office, KPMG Building Tenancy 4.5Goodman Property Trust Hong Lee11/02/2020
Mitre 10 National Support Centre Whole 5Mitre 10 Adam Benli21/12/2019
TPK House Whole 4Argosy Property Ltd Patrick Arnold22/11/2019
Confidential Base 3Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Confidential Base 0Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
The Awly Building Base 4The Awly Group Simon Ross20/12/2019
Panuku Office Tenancy 4Panuku Development Auckland Sarah Daniell13/12/2019
Britomart Charter Customs Building Base 3Britomart Group Amanda Bryan30/04/2019
Bayleys House Tenancy 3.5Bayleys Property Services Limited Simon Ross27/11/2019
Confidential Base 3.5Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
12 Madden Street - Grid AKL Base 4.5Precinct Properties New Zealand Ltd Anthony Calderone22/11/2019
Confidential Tenancy 1.5Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Confidential Base 2Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Confidential Base 4.5Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Britomart Excelsior and Stanbeth House Base 5.5Britomart Group Amanda Bryan31/10/2019
Britomart East BuildingsBase 4.5Britomart Group Amanda Bryan30/10/2019
Australis Nathan Buildings Base 4.5Britomart Group Amanda Bryan30/10/2019
EECA Wellington Office Tenancy 4

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

Anthony Betrand17/10/2019
AECOM House Whole 4 Whai Rawa Commercial Office LP
c-/Bayleys Property Services Ltd
Dave Annable31/03/2019
15 Stout St (MBIE) Whole 5 Argosy Property Ltd Patrick Arnold27/08/2019
133 Molesworth Street, Wellington Base 5 Balanced Investments Ltd & Ascot Capital Molesworth Property Trust Ben Masters07/08/2019
IAG Building, Christchurch Whole 5.5 Maori Hill Property Ltd Vanessa McGrath29/06/2019
NDY Wellington Office Tenancy 4 Norman Disney and Young Ltd Kimberley Whynn27/06/2019
Confidential Base 3.5 Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Masons Bros.,Auckland Base 5 Precinct Properties New Zealand Ltd Anthony Calderone25/06/2019
Confidential Base 3 Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
NZGBC Office Tenancy 5 New Zealand Green Building Council Peter Bryant13/06/2019
NDY Auckland Office Tenancy 4 Norman Disney and Young Ltd Kimberley Whynn31/05/2019
Confidential Tenancy 2 Confidential ConfidentialConfidential
Mott MacDonald Auckland Office Tenancy 5 Mott MacDonald Anthony Calderone25/05/2019