As the largest voluntary and truly holistic rating system for buildings, fitouts and communities in New Zealand, Green Star is regularly reviewed and challenged to give our members and their clients the confidence that they are working to the highest possible standards for sustainability.

As a not for profit established by the building and construction industry, we draw on the experience and expertise of our members who have been been selected to form a governance framework to:

  • Provide specialist technical advice related to Green Star or other matters
  • Assist with the development and review of thought leadership papers in line with our vision and strategy
  • Evaluate the views of stakeholders as submitted through the stakeholder consultation process

Central to this work is our focus on carbon and decarbonising the built environment. Our advisors will consider the impact of carbon at each stage of the building lifecycle including operational carbon, embodied carbon, energy reduction and the role of transport, e-vehicles, waste reduction, and the circular economy in supporting resilient communities.

How their reporting lines work with NZGBC and our Board is best outlined as: 

The Role of the Green Star Advisory Committee

Chaired by Simon Wilson of RDT Pacific, the Green Star Advisory Committee members are sustainability leaders with experience in rating systems and the role of independent certification in driving change. They hold senior positions and have an understanding of the economic, social and environmental drivers that affect the adoption of sustainable building practices.

The Green Star Advisory Committee (GSAC) works across the Expert Reference Panels (ERPs) to consolidate recommendations for the NZGBC Leadership Team and Board on all matters relating to the development of Green Star. In doing so, they are committed to ensuring that the Green Star rating system remains rigorous, market relevant, and valued by industry.

The GSAC committee members are:

Simon WilsonRDT Pacific
Nick AlsopGBCA
Saatyesh BhanaArgosy Property
Paul JurasovichJasmax
Mark SinclairCooper and Company
Phil SmithCollingridge and Smith Architects (UK) Ltd
Kristen Webster
Debbie Wilson
Ministry of Health
Tanya Syddall
University of Otago
Vivien Li
Auckland Council
Alain McKinney

The Role of Expert Reference Panels

Expert Reference Panels assist with a defined topic of engagement. Panelists are invited by NZGBC but may also be nominated by themselves or via other members.

Expert Reference Panel – Energy and Carbon in Operation

Patrick Arnold
335 NZ
Anthony Calderone
Mott MacDonald New Zealand Ltd
Ben Masters
BECA Limited
Jo WoodsRe/volve Energy
Josh McGlone
Jason Quinn
COR Associates Ltd

Expert Reference Panel – Health & Wellbeing

Warner Brunton Mott MacDonald 
Hayley Koerbin Norman Disney & Young
Tricia Love Tricia Love Consultants Ltd
Sam Walle Dark Arts Lighting Studio
Scott Smith BECA Limited
Jason StrawbridgeStrawbridge Accessibility
Clare DykesAcoustic Engineering Services
Michael WarwickMAW Design

Expert Reference Panel – Products & Materials and Embodied Carbon

Steve Aschebrok
Nick Carmen
Mott MacDonald
Nick Collins
Metal NZ
Alec Couchman
Brewer Davidson Ltd
Jarred Butler
Ralf Kessel
Concrete NZ
Laura Gemmell
Ecolabel NZ
Alex Reiche
Jeff Vickers
Ferran de Miguel Mercader
Fletcher Building

Expert Reference Panel – Ecology & Emissions

Caleb Clarke
Andrea Jarvis
Holmes Consulting LP
Tessa Meyer
Robin Mitchell
The Biodiversity Consultancy
Navin Weeraratne

Expert Reference Panel – Governance & Places

Jesse Prendergast
MRCagney (Transport)
Alain Mckinney
Saatyesh Bhana
Argosy Property
Matt Wilson
Peter Wilder
Landscape Architect
Jade Kake
Urban Planner
Duncan Munro
Eke Panuku Development
Vivien Li
Auckland Council
Meredith Dale
The Urban Advisory
Eloise Blewden

Expert Reference Panel – Waste & Construction

Hilary West-Reeves
Phoenix Metalman Recycling
Adam Weller
Waste Management
Mark Roberts
Auckland Council
Elaine Morgan
Green Gorilla
Helena Stil
Nikau Demolition

For more information on the governance structure, or to discuss your expression of interest, please contact Brad Crowley at