Interiors v1.1

Green Star Interiors NZv1.1 is the latest version of Green Star launched on 28th  April 2022.

The deadline for registering projects under Green Star Interiors NZv1.0 will be 28th October 2022, after which all projects must register using the the Green Star Interiors NZv1.1 submission guidelines.

This page will continue to be updated with additional v1.1 resources. 

NameFileUpload Date
Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Requirements (GS INTv1.1).pdf


Eligibility, Registration & Submission Form

EligRegSubForm Interiors NZv1.1.docx23/6/2022
Green Star Certification Agreement
Green Star Certification Agreement_2022 (Acceptance version).pdf4/07/2022
Area Definition Form

Area Definition Form Int. NZv1.1.XLSX


Submission Folder Structure
Folder Structure.zip10/6/2022

Technical Question Form


Innovation Template

NZGBC Innovation_Template.docx

History & Innovation


Submission Templates

INT NZv1.1 Submission Templates12/10/2022


Green Star - Interiors NZv1_1_2022.xlsx



Public transport calculator

Refrigerant impacts calculator NZv1.0 (updated 17/02/21)

Sustainable products calculator NZv1.1

18_potable-water-calculator-INTNZv1_1.xlsx (updated 01/06/23)


Calculator Guides

17A Performance Pathway Sustainable Transport Calculator Guide NZv1.1

17B Prescriptive Pathway Public Transport Guide NZv1.1

18 Potable Water Calculator Guide NZv1.1

Daylight and Views Hand Calculation Guide NZv1.1 

1516_Energy Consumption and GHG Calculation Guide NZv1.1

General Submission Pointers and Guidance

Guidance - Submitting for Design review

What do best practice Green Star Submission look like

Submission Planner

Interiors NZv1.1 Submission Planner..xlsx
Modelling Producer Statement

Modeling producer statement 

Construction & Demolition Waste Reporting
New Zealand Green Star Construction & Demolition Waste Reporting Criteria

Waste Contractor – Disclosure Statement

Waste Processing Facility – Disclosure Statement

Technical Clarifications

October TC Ruling

Please note that these are only the TC's logged for projects registered under v1.1 of the tool. For Projects registered under v1.0 of the tool, please refer to the v1.0 Technical Resources Page.

Built Streamlining

Built Streamlining Template INT.docx


FAQFAQ LIST.pdf14/06/2022

Submission Guidelines

NZGBC Members and Green Star Accredited Professionals can access the Submission Guidelines for free. Please visit the Resources for Members and GSAPs page for download.

For Non-members the Submission Guidelines for any NZGBC tool costs $600+ GST. Please email to find out more.