Green Star Buildings for New Zealand


Some of the biggest changes to Green Star are under consultation now. Read on to find out more about the next version Green Star Buildings NZ to be introduced from late 2023.

With our partners and thinkstep-anz, we have also released our recommended industry approach to embodied carbon.


Green Star Buildings NZ Consultation

The introduction of Green Star Buildings to Aotearoa New Zealand could never simply be a “lift & shift” from the Australian version. We’re working hard with our colleagues at the GBCA and the New Zealand Green Star Advisory Committee, Expert Reference Panels (ERPs), and would like to invite your involvement to recognise areas where we could and should localise for the regulatory environment, availability of products and specialised services, and respect for differences in our market, climate and culture.

We also recognise the need to be true to Green Star and our members’ expectation for driving change. The New Zealand version of Green Star Buildings will:

  1. Introduce new categories and credits reflecting issues relevant to our market now, and in the future
  2. Prioritise the elimination of carbon emissions from the built environment, extending on those set by Green Star Design & As Built NZ v1.1
  3. Establish a clear, well-defined entry point for best practice Green Star ratings

Consultation closed 25 November 2022.


Providing your feedback


Please review the consultation document and get in touch by 5pm Friday 25 November to provide your feedback via the survey link.

If you missed one of the drop in sessions or consultation events, you can view the recording of the kick off webinar held on 1 November. 

Other related documents:

  1. Green Star for NZ Buildings. A consultation paper for a low carbon future
  2. Feedback survey including an invitation to participate in the Early Access Programme
  3. Green Star Buildings v Green Star Design & As Built NZ v1.1 - Gap Analysis
  4. GBCA Green Star Buildings Submission Guidelines (members only)
  5. GBCA Responsible Products Framework

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The future of Green Star: Green Star Buildings NZ

Design and As Built NZ v1.1 provides a stepping stone for our transition to Green Star Buildings NZ – the latest offering from the Green Building Council of Australia. Green Star Buildings is the most ambitious version yet, aimed at meeting future demands on the built environment with aspirational benchmarks for addressing climate action, resource efficiency, and health and wellbeing.

Design & As Built NZ v1.1 will help prepare the industry with the additional conditional requirements starting to embed things like commissioning and tuning, and strengthen consideration of upfront carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions

Green Star Buildings takes these a step further, introducing 15 Minimum Expectations that must be achieved by all projects to achieve a Green Star rating. These are aimed at ensuring all Green Star rated buildings meet a basic definition of a green building (energy efficient, water efficient, good healthy spaces, built responsibly, and on sites that are not critical natural areas).

We expect to transition to Green Star Buildings in 2023.


Thanks to our partners


Localising Green Star Buildings to New Zealand is a significant step which wouldn't be possible without support from our partners who are donating their time and expertise over the next year as we dive into the detail