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1st Maintenance

Design and Installation

Being actively involved in the tender market we know the true value of your project, so can offer you a fair and cost effective price.

1M can provide innovative solutions with their in-house engineers. We will design professionally engineered, cost effective systems to meet your needs, with the environment in mind. 1M design and project management employees are approved authors of Producer Statements (Design) and (Construction) for mechanical services.


In the environment we work in today, communication and response times are critical.1M understands these needs and provides a 24-hour, 7-day service with efficient, reliable response times and effective communication channels.

It is a critical factor, in the economic environment in which we work, to do a job once and do it right.1M has over 100 years combined experience in the air conditioning industry, with extensive knowledge from Room Air Conditioners through to Centrifugal Chillers. 1M offers professional in-house technical support for your mechanical equipment.


To have reliable, effective air conditioning has become an important part of business today, both in terms of the running costs and the legal requirements of Section 44 Building Act 1991.1st Maintenance understands these requirements and provides a high standard of air conditioning preventive maintenance at a competitive cost.

1st Maintenance is I.Q.P (Independent Qualified Person) registered to issue a Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance / Inspection Certificate. This will be required under Section 44 of the Building Act 1991 in order for a building warrant of fitness to be issued.

Environment Auditing

1M can carry out a comprehensive audit, providing a report with recommendations and solutions, and empowering you to make the healthiest decision for you and your building occupants’ well-being and comfort.

Commissioning and Balancing for Sustainable Buildings

Is your air conditioning system working as it was designed?1M can carry out a comprehensive re-commissioning and balancing report for your entire mechanical system, ensuring your system works as it was intended to.

Asset Management System

Knowing about your equipment, what it is, its age, and what it is costing you is an important aspect of business today.1st Maintenance understands these requirements and can provide a database management system for you and your organisation. The system enables us to assist you in managing your costs, predicted costs, and evaluating your assets.


1M do the job right and do it safely. All 1M site staff and Project Managers are Site Safe accredited.