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Ecoglo International Ltd


On April 10 2012, the Department of Building & Housing released a new acceptable solution for F8 “Signs”.

This allowed for Ecoglo photo luminescent signage to be used to meet building code as well as traditional powered battery back up signs.

The key benefits are:

  • Ecoglo Emergency Signs are now fully compliant with F8/AS1 and therefore must be accepted by all consent authorities.
  • Photoluminescent technology lasts the life of the building.
  • There are significant savings in the capital cost compared to electrical signs. ($50+gst compared to approx. $350 for a traditional powered, battery backup sign)
  • "Lifetime Cost Savings" are achieved with the minimisation of ongoing compliance and maintenance cost.
  • Solutions are also provided for NZBC F6 "Visibility in Escape Routes" formally known as emergency lighting. These systems are highly sustainable and fail safe.
  • Ecoglo qualifies for LEED points for Green Build in North America. The catagories:
    • EA Credit #1 - Energy & Atmosphere: Optimizing Energy Performance
    • MR Credit #4 - Materials & Resources: Recycled Content.
    • ID Credit # 1.1-Innovation in Design: Exceptional Performance.

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