• 128 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
  • PO Box 78264, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1245, New Zealand
Key Contact
  • Jessamine Fraser
  • Auckland

NZGBC Member

RAIN STUDIO architects & designers

Rain brings new life and possibility. Rain cleanses and refreshes the world and us. As a design-led practice, Rain Studio focuses on delivering solutions that serve the lifetime needs of the end-user occupants of our buildings. The spaces we create are beautiful, liveable, and responsive; we aspire to create an environment of abundance.

The relationships between people and place are at the heart of all of our work at Rain Studio, and we believe in a synergetic approach of mutual respect and responsibility, to design and to humanity’s place within the natural world.

Designing for the future is a fundamental aspect of our work, recognising that the needs of households and businesses change over time. We believe in working with nature to create sustainable built environments.