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  • 5/40 Hayton Road, Christchurch, 8042, New Zealand
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  • James Mount
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The Natural Paint Company

The Experience

Using more natural products in your home is something we love to help with. Created right here in New Zealand, we have developed quality paints which are safer to use, environmentally responsible and made from natural and renewable resources. We tell you what ingredients are in each product, we’ll answer your questions as best as we can and we’ll be honest with you. Being a New Zealand owned company, we understand the importance of keeping your family healthy.

The Difference

We use chalk, china clay, plant oils and tree resins that are healthier for you, your family and your painter. The special blend of these plant oils and resins in our products makes them healthier to use, durable and washable. Our natural paints, oils, varnishes and waxes will leave you with a breathable finish, allowing moisture to move through the layers and disperse, instead of being trapped, all while giving you a beautiful finish.

The Products

All of our products are either low VOC or completely VOC free. We have used nature’s gentle chemistry to create a beautiful range of products that are solvent free, and offer a natural alternative to conventional paints which are often heavily loaded with chemical and synthetic ingredients. Our products cater to a huge range of everyday people from families, pregnant mothers, and allergy sufferers to environmentally responsible businesses, individuals, and painters.

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