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  • 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
  • 19 October 2021

Embodied carbon masterclass

Please note, this course is hosted and run by Green Building Council Australia. Further information and how to book your place must be made through the GBCA website directly.

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Accelerating change in practice

Embodied carbon represents a significant proportion of whole-life building emissions, and is set to climb dramatically by 2050. Eliminating embodied carbon from the supply chain is critical, but the pathways to achieve this are complex, requiring new design thinking, innovative technology, and strong industry collaboration. How can we work together to overcome barriers and accelerate change to remove embodied carbon from the built environment and drive towards a net-zero future?

In this masterclass the speakers will help you understand the scale and importance of focusing on embodied carbon, examine drivers and barriers for reducing it, and explore practical examples of how to reduce this through materials selection, building design and project management.

A combination of expert panels, practical case studies, and interactive discussion groups will allow you to take a deep dive into this crucial and intensifying topic. Join your peers to share experiences, discuss challenges, and get your burning questions answered, as we examine how to eliminate embodied carbon from the built environment.

  • Learn how to measure embodied carbon, what methodologies and tools are available, and what data to collect
  • Discover new innovations in low carbon materials and what manufacturers are doing to further reduce embodied carbon
  • Examine availability and supply of reduced carbon materials and how to make smarter choice when selecting materials for projects
  • Discuss when to engage and invest in different parts of the supply chain to ensure optimal decarbonised design
  • Hear about experiences and lessons learned from managing low embodied carbon projects

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