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  • 4:45 pm - 7:00 pm
  • 09 November 2017
  • GHD Centre
  • 27 Napier Street, Level 3, Freemans Bay
  • Auckland
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The Green Room - Auckland

Come along to hear fresh thinking and inspiration from leading industry experts, alongside the latest news and views on building technologies and tools.

Last to Build → Built to Last: An Outside-the-Box Perspective from Auckland Council

Auckland continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Challenges like poor and aging infrastructure, climate change and growing inequality make it even more imperative: if we’re going grow successfully, overcoming these challenges requires thinking outside the box. Auckland Council won’t single-handedly fix the problem but can certainly use its scale, influence and authority to help put Auckland on a better path.

This talk by John Mauro, Chief Sustainability Officer, Auckland Council will explore Auckland Council’s vision for sustainability and what it means for the built environment. It’ll boldly showcase some of council’s early successes, timidly admit some of its dismal failures and sneakily preface a few works in progress. It’ll also size up what’s needed – both from within the council itself and from central government – to truly deliver on the potential of a quality, healthy and inclusive built environment for all.

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What does a zero carbon built environment actually mean?

With the Paris Agreement in full swing and our newly elected government showing a promising commitment to net zero by 2050, it is critical that we collectively share that vision, recognise what that means and understand what success looks like. Dr Lee Bint, Sustainable Building Scientist at BRANZ, will discuss what the Paris Agreement actually means for our buildings and provokes a potentially different way of influencing the way we talk about carbon emissions in the building industry and the built environment. Lee encourages an interactive session, as she would love to hear your opinions and ideas on this topic.

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INZIDE Commercial & Marmoleum Flooring – The natural alternative

NZ consumes over 3 million square metres of PVC vinyl every year. And given that NZ has no way of recycling this PVC it will go into NZ landfill at the end of its 10, 20 or 30 year life.

Steve Aschebrock - Owner at INZIDE Commercial will talk about Marmoleum flooring, a natural resilient floor – 100% PVC free – made from linseed oil, wood pulp and natural dyes with a 140 year pedigree. It is naturally anti-bacterial and is the perfect floor for homes in NZ. It is asthma friendly and has that real wood feel underfoot comfort. It can even come with a corkment cushion under it for that extra layer of warmth, acoustic dampening and insulation.

Marmoleum costs the same as quality vinyl and will last twice as long. With a Top Shield coating its appearance retention is brilliant and is so easy to clean. Should you scratch it; simply rub walnut over the scratch to “activate” this natural product and lose the scratch.

It comes in modular format and sheet and has just had a brand new “COCOA” range released where some of the woodpulp has been replaced with cocoa husks.

Come along to learn more about how this natural alternative to PVC vinyl which is compostable and will not add to NZ’s landfill woes.

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  • New Zealand Institute of Architects: 20 Points
  • Architectural Designers NZ: 2.00 Points

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