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  • 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • 17 October 2017 - 18 October 2017
  • NZGBC Office
  • Tower 1, Level 2, 205 Queen Street
  • Auckland
Price (exclusive of GST)
  • $2,830.00 for members
  • $2,830.00 for non-members

NABERSNZ Accredited Assessor

Registrations for this training are now closed.

This qualification is a 2-day course which offers building services professionals an opportunity to add a NABERSNZ Certified Rating assessment to their portfolios. Targeting energy and technical professionals, it will provide attendees with a detailed understanding of the NABERSNZ tool and its associated Rules as well as practice in completing the required submission documents.


  1. Professional Qualifications The Accredited Assessor qualification requires a high level of relevant previous experience. Potential attendees will be asked to submit a declaration establishing their credentials and professional liability cover. Attendance at the training will be dependent on receipt of this document and administrator approval.
  2. Introduction to NABERSNZ eLearning Module Accredited Assessor Trainees are required to complete this module prior to attending The Assessor Training Course. Payment for this module is included in the Accredited Assessor Training Package. A link to this module will be sent to the participant on payment of registration.
  3. Pre-reading If accepted, participants will be required to complete pre reading materials prior to attending the course.

Course outline

Day 1 of the NABERSNZ™ Accredited Assessor training provides an overview of the principles of behind the rating tool. It also offers a working knowledge of the key concepts around a NABERSNZ assessment and the data that is required to enable the rating.

Day 2 focuses on teaching the skills necessary to assess building energy use and award a Certified rating, using the NABERSNZ™ rating Tool. Participants will learn how to work closely with clients to ensure the assessment process is understood, efficient and that the documentation supplied is appropriate.

Post Course: Participants are required to complete an extensive exam successful completion of which provides with a Trainee Assessor qualification and logo.

Full Assessor Status: Full Accredited Assessor status will be achieved once the Trainee Assessor has successfully completed 2 Supervised assessments.

Please note: The post course assessment is a substantial exam and it is essential that course participants have sufficient time set aside in order to complete this assessment. Participants should not plan overseas trips, major consultancy work or personal /holiday commitments for at least one month after training is completed.

All potential attendees must complete and submit the NABERSNZ_Assessor Declaration.pdf Your enrollment in the course is conditional on this form being approved; Please register your interest by emailing education@nzgbc.org.nz with completed Assessor declaration form. The deadline for this is 6 October 2017.

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