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  • Type: Online video
  • Duration: 45 min

Green Star - Design & As Built: The next step in green buildings

Our members have been telling us for some time that NZGBC needs to be able to certify all types of buildings beyond just office, industrial and education buildings. Indeed, we are increasingly getting inquiries about other building typologies including hotels, airports, bus stations, convention centres and even crematoria!

In addition, members have told us that we need to keep our tools up-to-date with the latest thinking in green building practice.

To address these issues NZGBC intend to roll out a new version of Green Star called Design & As Built over the next 18 months. A scoping paper is due to be published.

In this webinar, Sam Archer and Andrea Davison will be giving an overview on whats in the scoping paper including a heads-up on some radical changes that the Green Building Council of Australia are proposing to make to Green Star over the same period.

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