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  • Type: Online video
  • Duration: 30 min

Homestar case study: The Super Reno

Since moving into the Greenhithe home in early 2015, Zane Raphael – Project Manager, Builder and Owner, and his family were the sickest they had ever been, with constant colds and sickness. This put Zane on the journey to create a warm and healthy home for his family.

‘The Super Reno’ is Auckland’s first stand-alone 10 Homestar rated house, and the nation’s very first 10 Homestar Renovation.

In this presentation you will find out how Zane and the Buildology team outlined how they achieved the rating through photovoltaic solar panels for electricity and solar panel water heating, an integrated ventilation and heat recovery system. Insulation made from recycled PET bottles – as well as thermally designed windows and doors.

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