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  • Type: Online video
  • Duration: 1 hour

Using sustainable products in Green Star and Homestar projects

Brad Crowley and Danidu Wijekoon from the NZGBC and Alex Reiche from Building Excellence Group started our new PluggedIn webinar series related to products and materials, discussing what can be used in Green star and Homestar projects.

Brad and Dani discussed how a product or material can be used with the NZGBC tools. This included an overview of Ecolabels and EPDs along with other routes. Most of these will be covered in more detail in later webinars. This webinar should hopefully answer the common questions we get from suppliers and manufacturers who want to get their items into Green star or Homestar projects.

Alex Reiche has been working for over a decade at the intersection of products, material suppliers, and product compliance with the various Green Building Rating schemes. Through hands-on experience, Alex shared some lessons learnt, tips and recommendations on how to ensure you can claim as many points as possible for using environmentally certified products in Green Star and Homestar projects.

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